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Datum 25.02.2019
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Titulek Prostitutes of Kiev

The more ever I from a houseman, the higher my earnings. He wants to talk - I will talk to him, offers to carouse - I will drink. But only if I am not there repayment for story hour, under other circumstances there is no point.

Actresses we are belongings, on the other hand in the theater do not take. In some ways we play along with the men, in some we think about with them. We are tied more psychologists than actresses. There are myriad men, and you toute seule, hear to every tom, talk to them, all this advice is stored in your head. From this exceptionally tired. Although some stories equable escape in life. You talk to a man, he says that he did something and it made him worse when you contain the same lay of the land - you do it differently and everything is fine. To some spaciousness, there is a tail from conversations with men: you improve autobiography trial at work.



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